School Day Devotions

I'm inviting you to share in these devotions with me.

School Day Devotions Days 1-30

School Day Devotions Days 31-60

All devotions are written using the KJV

When the 2018-2019 school year began, I wanted to do something extra to prepare my children for public school. In addition to many of the textbook changes taking place in school, there is a big change in the cultural values and the way society views Christianity. I thought it was important to help my children stay strong in their faith, grow closer to the Lord, and not be drawn away by the influences of other beliefs.

After reading "Praying Circles around Your Children" by Mark Batterson, I decided that a devotion every morning would be the perfect solution to starting their day. Mark Batterson also suggested sending something with your children to school that reminds them that you are praying for them. A card or a text message with the scripture verse(s) you will be praying over your children each day.

Proverbs was the perfect place to begin instilling wisdom, warnings, promises, and understanding the fear of the Lord. So I began writing devotions from Proverbs specifically geared toward children and we started the first day of school. Ten minutes before we were scheduled to leave for school, we gathered in the living room to read the verses, use the devotion as talking points, and pray. I put the cards in their lunch boxes so they would see them at least once during the day.

I had positive responses from them and was so excited that I shared this endeavor with the ladies in my Sunday School class. The ones who have children asked if they could share the devotions with their children, others asked for copies to send for their grandchildren.

Mornings didn't work for one family so she decided to give the prayer card in the morning and do the devotions before bed. I liked the idea of having extra time to talk at night so I tried it and our family likes it better because they feel free to share, ask questions, and discuss scriptures. I also found that I learned more about how their day was at school in the evenings.

Mornings or evenings is really up to the individual family.

I want to invite you to share in these devotions as well. The scripture at the end of each devotion is the one written on the card along with a note to say, "I love you" or "I'm proud of you" or something special from your heart to them.

I am writing these as we go so I can only share what is completed.

The School Day Devotions are available to download and share with your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors where they can find it to download for their children.

School Day Devotions ~ Day 1 to Day 30

School Day Devotions ~ Day 31 to Day 60

All devotions are written using the KJV

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